This is the online home of Fitz Barbershop, an all-male a capella group based in Cambridge, UK.

We sing everything from traditional classics to modern mixes, at a wide variety of occasions and venues.

Fitz Barbershop come complete with fancy hats, and even fancier waistcoats!

We can be found on both Twitter and Facebook. Check us out using the links below and get more a capella goodness!

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Hope everyone at Caius May Ball enjoyed our queue set, and that you all had a fantastic night!

We were also very happy to join all those at Christ's May Ball for the last hour of entertainment - congratulations of you made it to the survivors' photo.

Tonight, we'll be performing at St Catharine's and Sidney Sussex - see you there!


May Week is off to a fantastic start!  

Thanks to everyone who came to the Fitz Music Society Garden Party yesterday - hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Thanks also to those who attended Trinity May Ball last night!  You were a particularly fantastic audience!

Catch us at Caius May Ball this evening, where we'll be singing to the queue, and at Christ's May Ball, where we'll be rounding off the night in the early hours of tomorrow!


Fitz Barbershop