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Theo Normanton



Hailing from the hitherto uncharted territory known only in our vulgar tongue as "Girton College", Theo makes the epic journey to Fitz to sing Tenor for the Barbers. Theo is now singing with the group for the second year and produces notes so beautiful that he is always a favourite with the ladies. As a Russian student, some of his inspirations include Kim Philby (Trinity, 1930-1933), Black Bears, and the finest Siberian Vodka. Having no recorded existence before last year, Theo is something of a mystery, and some of his habits (speaking into his watch, breaking into university buildings at night), can seem a little strange, but he has become a Barber stalwart, and we wouldn't turn him in ‘ahem’ give him up, sorry, for the world.

Adam fyfe




The Right Honourable Lord Reverend Dr Sir Adam Fyfe (MBE, OBE, BNOC). This is Adam Fyfe. Yes, the Adam Fyfe. Sure, he’s willing to pose for the paparazzi every now and again, but don’t cross him. I’ve heard his improvised solos are actually lethal… In his spare time, you can catch him knitting jumpers for his adoring fans and writing psalms inspired by the James Bond theme. He isn’t on the Fitz piano key list (sad reacts only). Adam is a third-year classicist at Fitz and adds class and sophistication to this year’s barbershop line-up.



Ben peart



This Trinity Hall singing tenor, or "Mr steal your girl" as he is often known, has a reputation around the Cambridge May ball scene of serenading pretty much anything that moves. Legend has it that his smile distracted the captain of the Titanic on that dreadful night in 1912, and that he feels the never-ending need to fill every silence with "My Evaline", something that has really backfired for him during Trinity hall chapel services. Now in his third year of a Geography degree, colouring pencils blunting, Ben looks to the future in his last year with the group and his enthusiasm and endless charm will be extremely missed by us and ball guests alike.

Jake Glidden



Jake and the Cambridge acapella scene have morphed together quite like the British colonising Australia - quite literally a perfect match. He is the longest serving member of the Barbershop and is a shining light for the newer members (not a reference to his hair I promise). He possesses one of the most enviable voices around that sounds amazing in every genre so listen out for his beautifully crafted high notes and remember that he is reading all the music upside down, at least from his Australian perspective.

craig wallace



Tennessee sent us the most beautiful gift when they sent over Craig on a free transfer. Despite a hefty signing-on-fee Craig has proved his worth doubling as both an excellent lead and makeshift Bass when called upon. We are struggling to agree on the correct vowel sounds and the spelling of certain words but music breaks down all barriers right? He is meant to be jetting back over the Atlantic at the end of the season but with Trump still in power we may be able to persuade him to stay...PLEASE


caolán mcconnaughie

As a footballer and baritone, Caolan’s ‘tekkers’ and dashing good looks are nearly as sharp as his tuning in rehearsals. This particular West Ham fan leaves us as perplexed with his song suggestions as with trying to spell his name. Yet, as a geographer, he enjoys disproportionate amounts of free time and influence within Fitz, running the fledgling Fitz Theatre Society as well as the Barbershop. Blame all choreography on his love of musical theatre and his apparent total lack of self-respect. However, his love of acapella and barbershop singing helps him to battle through the stupidly difficult baritone parts and complete chords frowned upon by the rest of the musical community

Jake marshall



Despite taking residence beyond the Arctic circle during the holidays, Jake has acclimatised to life nearer civilization about as well as he has taken to singing baritone. As a first year from Fitz Jake represents the future of the group going forward so expect to hear less of "Here comes the sun" and more "Loch Lomond" in years to come. Jake’s passions include playing cricket, sporting distasteful Bolton Wanderers tracksuits and of course barbershop singing, even if this does mean he has the unfortunate pleasure of spending time with Caolán on a regular basis in rehearsals and training.

Jonathan iceton



High School Musical and Legally Blonde are just two of the many shows that Jonathan fills his time with outside of the barbershop but we all know his true passion is cheesy chords and boater hats. His facial expression says it all when it comes to his personality! Listen out for some solid bass interludes that will make your draw drop with delight. Sorry ladies, he is taken. In the future Jonathan hopes to star as Cosette in the newly revised west end version of "Les Misérables" as well as take his current work in progress "Geordie Shore: The Musical" to the Royal Variety Show.

Charlie Mclean



Fitz choral scholar, University squash player and all round cutie pie! Looks can be deceiving, his bass notes are disgustingly filthy. Get out the Dettol for these bad boys. Together with Jonathan these two make up a bass section that's stronger than Adam's dislike of musical theatre. Charlie has always had a passion and a desire to be a part of the Fitz barbers since hearing "Hello my baby" as an insightful embryo. He bought his first waistcoat and hat at the age of 2, made especially for him by his live in tailor his parents hired to appease this strange but admirable passion. I feel for his future offspring.

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