"A veritable ronf" - ADC go-er, "Those guys are *%&^ing sick!!" - Trinity May Ball Security Guard

Performing on a May Ball stage
May Balls
Fitz Barbershop spend most of the year preparing for the mayhem that ensues with the majestic parties that erupt at the end of each academic year in Cambridge - the May Balls!
The barbershop have played at numerous balls, from mic-ed up sets at Trinity May Ball, to wandering through gardens and grounds at Christs May Ball serenading lucky punters, and will often perform at several each year.

Fitz Barbershop have also made appearances at more low-key balls, such as the Navy Ball, the Law Ball, and the wintertime Selwyn Snowball.

Garden Parties
Barbers are just like everyone else, and love to let our hair down and relax. That's why they can often be seen performing at small garden parties for lots of different societies, enjoying the chilled-out atmospheres laden with Pimms and Strawberries.

With no need for special stages, electronic equipment or large areas, the barbers are most at home in these intimate settings.
A previous gig at the ADC

ADC Gigs
Once or twice a year, Fitz Barbershop will put on a one-night show at the ADC for those who may not be lucky enough to catch them at a more expensive venue. Covering as wide a variety as possible, expect to be thoroughly entertained with exciting choreography, water-tight harmonics and intriguing arrangements.

We've even been lucky enough to do a small interview and song preview on CamFM, Cambridge's local radio station! 

Of course, the barbershop is not at all limited to just these types of occasions. We've done assemblies, weddings and even Valentines Serenades, so if you think we might be interested in something, don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can do!

New and upcoming events will be posted both on our Facebook page, Twitter, and the News section on the Fitz Barbershop website.