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Clare College: Photo credits Beth Hibbert

Who are Fitz Barbershop?

Fitzwilliam Barbershop was founded in 1994 at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, and has grown to be one of the University’s foremost a cappella groups, with members drawn from across the Cambridge colleges.


Fitz Barbershop performs frequently across the country, including at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Voice Festival UK. Their most recent Fringe show, AcaDemic 2 (2017), was a sell out receiving both popular and critical acclaim, whilst previous Voice Festival appearances have drawn commendation including the prestigious Ward Swingle Award for Originality.


The group’s international performances include both tours, with previous destinations including Germany and the United States, and visits to foreign universities. These visits aim to strengthen ties with overseas institutions, with recent trips including a performance at Utrecht University's 380th Anniversary celebration, and outreach work for Jilin University, China. The Barbershop are fully committed to continuing and expanding this thoroughly rewarding outreach programme in the future.

 More recently, we provided the entertainment for the King's Birthday celebrations in the British embassy in Bern.

With a wide-ranging repertoire, including barbershop classics, folk song arrangements and reimaginations of modern hits, the Barbers have a song for every occasion and regularly accept commissions. Recent audience favourites include a heartbreaking rendition of Disney’s ‘Go the Distance’, a bombastic romp through Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and a rather unusual interpretation of Loch Lomond…

Fitz Barbershop performs with boundless energy, amusing choreography and harmonic mastery. Whatever the occasion, they are certain to providing a unique and unforgettable performance.

What makes a barber?


There's only one rule behind our iconic range of waistcoats:




Bow Ties

Sartorial elegance is provided by a special Fitzwilliam College bow tie worn by all the members in an attempt to look 'not bad'


A quintessential part of our uniform, the BarberBoaters™ keep our hair silky smooth for every performance


From classic Barbershop standards, to Disney, to Simon and Garfunkel, to the headbanging rock-opera of Bohemian Rhapsody:

We sing it all

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