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Fantastic Boaters and Where to Find Them


Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Credit: Pippa Quincey

Cambridge / Utrecht / Stratford upon Avon / Edinburgh / Beijing

That's where we've sang recently...

Where Next?

(Probably Cambridge)

We perform at a number of events throughout the year, from private engagements to college bar sets. At the end of each academic year we hold our annual Cheese and Wine Concert with the Fitz Sirens, ushering in the summer vacation with some sweet harmonies and a LOT of cheese. As a regular May Week feature, you can often spot us singing the night away at Trinity May Ball or entertaining the punts at John's May Ball - if you're extra lucky, you might even spy us at the Edinburgh Fringe in August!

Keep an eye out on the Calendar below to keep updated on our next gigs!

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